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You are Protected of Wellness & Happiness.

For Your Wellness & Happiness

For Your Wellness & Happiness
We believe that it is a basic right for all to access best medical related services to align with the corporate objectives of Royal Assist.

And our motto of “For Your Wellness & Happiness” emphasize that happiness comes from serving the best wellness options upfront.

To enable that satisfaction on our client’s side, we at Royal Assist take on additional responsibility, and dedication to provide bespoke solutions.

Royal Assist has been recognized by Joint commission accredited Hospitals in the region and direct billing arrangement is in place.

For hospitals beyond the region, we seek the assistance of reputed international third-party administrators and thus, Royal Assist can take pride in having access to leading hospitals across continents.

Royal Assist is accredited by Swan International Assistance and multiple air ambulance companies in the region, to offer medical evacuation services on subscription basis.

Third Party Administration

This service has been outsourced to a broking arm within our network, which carefully assesses the case under the insurance underwriting parameters given by the respective insurers to provide guidance on the best insurance solution.

Faster Claims & Reimbursements

Be it small or big your requirement might be, we will help you to access top rated hospitals from 2nd opinion to admissions to hospitals outside the scope of insurances too.

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